The Great Books
The Expansion of the Mind

Shakespeare   King Lear
Shakespeare   Hamlet
Cervantes  Don Quixote
Descartes  Discourse on Method
Rousseau   The Confessions
Rousseau   The Social Contract
Voltaire   Candide
Milton   Paradise Lost
Moliere  The Misanthrope
Vico  The New Science
Spinoza  Ethics
Goethe  Faust
Kant  Groundwork of the Metaphysic   
of Morals
Modern Perspectives

Dostoevsky  The Brothers Karamazov
Heidegger  Being and Time
Nietzsche  On the Genealogy of Morals
Marx & Engels   The Communist Manifesto
Tolstoy  War and Peace
Henry James  The Ambassadors
Stendhal  The Red and the Black
Thoreau  Walden
Freud  Three Case Histories
Proust  Remembrance of Things Past
Joyce  Ulysses
Musil  The Man Without Qualities
Faulkner  Absalom, Absalom!
Mill  On Liberty