The Gallic War
This text, the one time bane of high school Latin
students, has now fallen into relative obscurity with the
disappearance of classical studies from secondary
Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres... How
unfortunate.  Certainly this work is as valuable as
on Mango Street
or A Lesson Before Dying or whatever
other nuggets of wisdom that are assigned to tenth
graders these days.  The shift from republican to imperial
institutions, precipitated by Caesar's military victories and
their attendant glory, may be the greatest crisis of
ancient times, and one that holds many lessons for us
today.  But Caesar's work is more than a cautionary tale
of the rise of a dictator.  Readers can approach it today
as a story of multicultural conflict, or an account of
military tactics, or an autobiographical narrative (although
written in the third person), or an important primary
source in ancient history.   Or one can simply admire it for
its clear, lucid prose -- a virtue which helped entrench it in
high school curriculums in the first place.  

This is the one ancient
work where you need the

Loeb edition
with its side
by side Latin and English
text.  Don't you wish you
had this at hand in your
high school Latin class?