The flourishing of comedy as a form of social satire and political
commentary testifies both to the dramatic innovations of the
Athenians, as well as to the vitality of their democratic ideals.   
Even today, Lysistrata retains its bite, with its anti-war messages
and feminist angles.    In 2003, for example, the
Lysistrata Project
served as a protest against the Iraq crisis, with over one
thousand readings of the play conducted as part of the event.  Yet
the heaviness of the message never obscures the comic genius of
the whole.   Aristophanes' play retains its timeless appeal for
audiences and continues to inspire modern productions, both
traditional and experimental.  

Comedy is best
presented in the
vernacular language
of the current day.   
Hence, readers are
best served by the
translations of
Aristophanes by
Jeffrey Henderson.